Sin Sisters Entertainment – Shemale Strippers & Escorts, is the only UK Agency providing Shemale Adult Entertainment throughout the UK and our girls are highly experienced in the line of work they offer.

The Agency caters for such Adult work as:


-Lap Dancers


-XXX Photo/Video Models

-Life Drawing Models

-Topless Waitresses

and much more!

Our girls are hardworking individuals that aim to please our clients with their services. Most of our bookings are for Stripper Shows, performing an unforgettable and raunchy show for all sorts of events, and Escorting Services.

​We are a relatively new Agency that is learning what it takes to be a successful in the Adult Entertainment Business. We are also rather unique in that the Agency is also owned and run by two Shemale sisters, Anise & Starr, who also perform.

Being a UK based Agency we can send our girls to any major UK city centre venue, providing excellent Adult Entertainment. Anise & Starr have years of experience in the field of Adult Entertainment, making them perfectly managed in understanding and providing you with exactly what you need for your special occasion. SSE  is passionate about providing you with the very best services, specialising in Hen Parties, Stag Parties, Birthday Parties and much more.

We can arrange exotic dancing, striptease, pole or lap dancing for your pub, club or celebrations.  So if you're looking for some Adult Entertainment in the UK we will endeavour to fulfil your needs.



Added on July 14, 2016

Recently watched a video, showing two Japanese body builder girls, called Scatology. Me and a few friends really got off on this so we called and asked if Starr would do a similar routine. Starr found the video on line and agreed. She came to my house in Leeds with a chaperone. We had managed to make a circular revolving mini stage for her to do her act. She really looked hot in her micro bikini which showed off her massive tits and her big bulge. She did a few muscle poses before taking off her bikini to show her body in all its glory and, after a few more poses, gave the signal. She crouched down and I held a plate under her ass to catch her shit. Gradually she pushed out a nice brownie which was followed by a bigger load. A couple of us then started to smear it all over her before she sucked our dicks and then gave her a good fucking. A great show, messy, and not cheap, but worth every penny.

Added on May 24, 2016

The stripper, Starr, came on in sexy micro-mini, bikini top, stockings and high heels and started her act by dancing seductively to get us all worked up. After a short period she started to disrobe, getting one of the guys to pull the string holding her top up! She held on to the top then pulled it away to show her massive tits. She then caressed them and started to rub them in the face of a couple of lucky guys. She then, slowly, removed her panties, hands over her shecock. She then turned to show us her fabulous bum, bent over a touch and spread her legs, to give us a better view of her big asscunt. She then turned and removed her hands to expose her rather fat surprise, shaking it all about. A few of the guys were lucky enough to get a suck on it, me being one of them. A great show and well worth what we spent.
Terry Wright

Added on April 8, 2016

I was staying at a hotel in Manchester and was interested in seeing the Untamed show so called and was told Starr would be happy to do it. Been conned before by escorts who said they did hardsports but never did. Tee assured me she would so made the booking. Met Starr in reception and we had a drink in the bar first where she described what she would do. By now I could hardly control the bulge in my trousers so we went to my room. I sat down while Starr prepared. She then came out with a big plastic sheet so I now believed she really would perform. Put on some music and she did an erotic dance and gradually stripped. The next thing was upping the tempo of the music. Lots of arse wiggling and waving her cock about. She then turned with her arse facing me and started pooping while dancing. Absolutely amazing and I just came in my hands. She did quite a biit more pooping before bending over and sporeading her cheeks. If you are into hardsports I can honestly say book her. She is amazing.

Added on February 14, 2016

I booked Starr to do an untamed show for me and a few of the guys. Had no idea what a hot and dirty show it would be. She is really great and such a laugh too. The strip show was really hot and what a great body. She then used one of the props the lie on and then she spread her legs and started to slowly poop. Totally awesome and seemed to go on for ages. Quite a pile. She then squatted and pee'd into a glass which she then drank. Booking her again next month in a better venue for a really dirty show.
Aiden O'Neill

Added on January 24, 2016

Was in Chester for a business trip and found myself at a loss to what to do in the evening. Looked on the net and found SSS Promotions. Decided on Starr as she was in to watersport fun. She arrived at my hotel spot on time and we had a drink and chat to discuss things. She went off to changed and I made myself comfortable. She was soon back in a very sexy outfit. I put on some music and she started her show. Gorgeous tits and a lovely bulge in her panties. Next thing was her little pink panties starting going dark and see through and pee started running down her leg. Sexiest thing I have ever seen and really got me off. She's got a great sense of humour too.

Added on December 28, 2015

I tried to book Starr for a lap dance at my hotel but was told she was already booked. Tee advised me that they had just signed up Cougar and that she was really hot. She sounded ideal and so I booked her. She turned up my hotel spot on time and she was really hot. Had a bit of a natter then she went and changed. Shortly she came out the bathroom and she look really sexy in what little she was wearing. I put on some music and she started her dance. All I can say was she was incredible and really got me hard and I'm so glad she finished me off. Don't know what Starr is like but if she is anything like Cougar then wowee!

Added on December 26, 2015

Booked Cougar to do a fetish show for the three of us as we all, big fans of anal destruction.. Did a great strip show which included her peeing her pants and then inserting all sorts of huge objects into her hole. Couldnt beleive an ass culd take so much punishment. Good show.

Added on December 16, 2015

Starr is a very busty, voluptuous and sexy. She arrived at my hotel on time and we greeted each other warmly. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. She changed into an incredible sexy outfit, which showed off her magnificent boobs (38DD) and curves. We chatted over a glass of red wine and then she did her sexy strip dance, teasing me with her massive cleavage before unleashing her boobs in my face. She loves her boobs sucked and played with, which I did for what seemed like ages. She also has a very sexy bum, which she likes being kissed in all the right places! Never seen such a big inviting hole, which was really sexy. She tells me it’s like that from fisting! What was amazing was her cock, really fat with a nice curve. I screwed her in several positions before I climaxed in pure sexual joy. This lady is very special and a titmans dream.

Added on December 13, 2015

Amazing. Fuckin dirty bitch.
Rodney Black

Added on November 5, 2015

I have to admit I was nervous when I heard we were having a shemale stripper at our stag do but I have to say that Starr was absolutely amazing. Never thought I'd get turned on by a shemale. She really has got a big pair of tits and is very well endowed below. Would thoroughly recommend seeing her.

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