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Review by Mark from Kensington, London on 05/08/ 2016

The show was AMAZING! Everyone had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about it the whole next day (we all joked about calling her back for Saturday night as well!). To say the least, Starr was great - very personal & professional and beyond hot and raunchy. We were so happy with how everything went! Starr arrived on time too and will definitely be the girl we use again and recommend to others. Everything that we discussed was what happened. 

Review by Alan from Manchester on 14/02/2016

I actually knew Starr from an on-line Fetish site and so I asked her if she would do a special show for me, and a few of the guys, all members themselves.  She said she was up for it but I would have to go through official channels and gave me the Agency number.  Talked to Tee and he was really helpful.  It was a bit awkward explaining what we wanted but he was great and said he would arrange things.  He explained that for the Untamed show I would need to ensure that their were good clean up facilities, plastic sheet and an aerosol.  For those who may be wondering, the Untamed show involved pee and poop.

The day arrived and we were all very eager and it was great to meet Starr in person.  We had a drink and got to know each other a bit and she explained how things would go.  The apartment we’d hired had a good solid round table so we covered this with the plastic sheet for her to perform on.  We sat on some chairs we’d placed a bit back from the table put on some music and Starr began, She looked good and it was a nice view looking up her very mini skirt, nice bulge.  She started with a general strip and gradually started removing some of her clothes.  Great pair of tits too.  Then the part we’d waited for happened as we saw her little panties start to darken before pee started running down her legs.  She then rubbed her wet bulge and pushed her bum out before pulling off her wet panties, which she threw to us.  R was lucky enough to catch these.  She danced some more and it was so hot seeing her cock bounce and still have a few dribbles of pee left.  She then crouched and spread her bum cheeks so we could have a good view of her gaping hole.  Then it began and slowly a poop appeared and then she pulled it in again.  She did this a few times before doing a little dance, leaned over, spread her legs, and pooped a great pile for us.  Such a real turn on and we all got off on this.  Not a show for most people but if you’re into this fetish Starr is definitely for you.  She actually does what it says on the tin!

Review by Lisa from Liverpool on 21/05/2015

It was my birthday and I wanted to spoil myself by having a stripper perform for me at the room I had hired for our girls only party. I came across Anise on a site called StripperWanted.  Was looking for a male stripper but thought she would be fun to try.  Gave her a call and she sounded great and a lot of fun. I arranged for the VIP show, which was more interactive. She came fully prepared with everything and put on a really great show.  The girls loved her and couldn’t keep their hands, and other things, off her.  She took it all with good humour and even joined us for drinks after.  Really recommend her.


 Review by Eric from Manchester on 25/09/2015

I found Starr’s website on a web search when I was looking for a gay stripper and decided to take the chance and hire her for my mates birthday party. She showed up on time and was ready to party. Their show was phenomenal. It couldn't have been any more perfect.  Not really into women but I have to say she has great tits and a stunning cock.  Some of us payed her to give us a lapdance after and we weren’t disappointed.  I would hire her again!


Review by Peter from Newcastle, Tyne & Wear on 03/10/2015

It was my first time hiring a stripper so I didn't know how it all worked. My cousin left me in charge of hiring the girl for his bachelor party so the pressure was all on me to get this right. I decided to do a little research on where to find the best strippers.  Then I came across Starr Anise on Google  and she really looked the business but she was a shemale!  Wasn’t sure how the rest of the guys would react so I contacted them and all agreed but were a bit unsure. I gave Starr a call and she was utterly charming. The booking process was very simple with her. During my conversation with her, I asked if she would give my cousin a special lap-dance, which I paid for separately. When she showed up, she was fully prepared to start her show. It was a great show. It was a wild show. No problem with her being a shemale and they all loved her big tits. She then went over to my cousin and gave him the lap-dance of his life. After she left, we still had big smiles on our faces, especially my cousin.

Review by Charlotte from Huyton, Merseyside on 04/11/2015

I was spending the night in Liverpool with a few of my girlfriends for my Hen party and thought it would be good fun to book a male stripper to come to our room.  We didn’t know where to look so we went into Google and found a site called strip magazine.  Looking to see if there were any guys in Liverpool we came across Starr, a shemale stripper.  We all liked  the look of her and thought it would be fun.  I gave her a call and she sounded nice and said she would do it, even though it was a bit short notice, so we booked the VIP plus package.  She arrived on time at the apartment we’d booked on Seel street and she looked as good as her pictures.  She started her show and we all went a bit wild but she took it all really well.  It was really thrilling seeing a girl with big boobs and a big cock.  And did she use that cock.  Never been fucked by a shemale before and probably never will again.  She certainly pleased the girls too. I would definitely recommend her for your hen party.